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District: V./PestID 22811
Size: 155 m2Rental Fee: 2900 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 3Garage(s): nincs
District: I./BudaID 14887
Size: 60 m2Rental Fee: 950 EUR
Bedroom(s): 1Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 0
District: II./BudaID 22941
Size: 100 m2Rental Fee: 1500 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 2Garage(s): 1
District: II./A/BudaID 10810
Size: 450 m2Rental Fee: 5500 EUR
Bedroom(s): 4.5Bath(s): 3Garage(s): 2
District: II./BudaID 13319
Size: 220 m2Rental Fee: 4200 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3.5Bath(s): 2Garage(s): 2
District: V./PestID 22821
Size: 210 m2Rental Fee: 5000 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 0Garage(s): nincs
District: VI./PestID 22211
Size: 128 m2Rental Fee: 2000 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 1Garage(s): nincs
Brexit: Talk of deadlock is exaggerated, says Donald Tusk
EU leaders say not enough progress to start trade talks yet, but they hope to begin in December.
Obama and Bush decry deep US divisions without naming Trump
Comments by the two ex-presidents are seen as a veiled rebuke of Donald Trump's leadership.
Catalonia crisis: Spain plans for elections as independence row grows
The region's parliament would be dissolved as part of measures to impose direct control.
Malawi cracks down on 'vampire' lynch mobs
Police say they arrested 140 members of lynch mobs who attacked people suspected of being vampires.
Why Somalis are wearing red bandanas
A red bandana has become the new symbol of protest in Mogadishu as anger over the city's most destructive bomb attack is boiling over on to the streets.
Kirkuk province: Iraqi and Kurdish forces in fierce fight
Fierce fighting erupts in the last part of the Kirkuk province held by the Kurdish Peshmerga.
MH370: Malaysia in deal with US firm to restart plane search
Texas-based Ocean Infinity signs a deal to search for plane wreckage on a "no find-no fee" basis.
Top Chinese officials 'plotted to overthrow Xi Jinping'
A top official's claim of a power struggle has contradicted the Communist Party's unified image.
Lupita Nyong'o accuses Harvey Weinstein of harassment
The Oscar-winning actress is the latest to make claims about the producer.
Publisher apologises for 'racist' text in medical book
A book detailing how to deliver pain relief to ethnic groups has been removed after criticism on social media
New Zealand to hold cannabis referendum within three years
Its surprise new prime minister-elect gives some policy clues as she limbers up to rule in coalition.
US senators respond to 'average' politicians' face photo
The BBC has created an image combining all members of Congress. What does Capitol Hill think of the result?
Model Ines Rau becomes Playboy's first transgender Playmate
French model Ines Rau will be the first transgender model to feature on the magazine's centrefold.
The woman who taught us about chimps
Famed primatologist Jane Goodall is the subject of a new documentary that includes recently unearthed footage from her explorations in Africa.
Even heavyweight boxers rely on their mums
Olympic boxer Joseph Joyce gets inspiration from his adventurous mum, Marvel, who is blind and about to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
India's first complete transgender couple are hoping to marry
Sukanyeah and Aarav met at a gender reassignment clinic. Now they're planning a wedding.
Colombia vets nurse tiny spider monkey back to health
Vets in Colombia are nursing a tiny spider monkey back to health.
7 days quiz: Which country is embracing Scottish haggis for the first time in decades?
A weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.
Trying on make-up in augmented reality
French cosmetics chain Sephora is using augmented reality so that customers can try on make-up virtually, before buying it.
Africa's top shots: 13-19 October 2017
A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans this week.
When does flirting become sexual harassment?
The line between flirtation and harassment is a fine - and often blurred - one.
Harold the dove sees off strangers in Long Stratton street
The bird has been known to pursue postal workers delivering to houses in Long Stratton, Norfolk.
The populist billionaire who could lead the Czech Republic
The populist anti-immigration candidate who could become Czech Republic's next prime minister.
Reality Check: Does China's Communist Party have a woman problem?
How badly are women represented in China's Communist Party and how does it compare?
North Korea crisis: How to talk to the world's most secretive country
What goes on behind closed doors of unofficial talks between US and North Korea?
Australian carmaking runs out of road
The final vehicle left the production line on Friday, in what many consider a symbolic moment.
Japan's 'living artwork' invents new fashion style
Minori reinvented a Japanese street fashion style eight years ago that now has a worldwide following.
Mexican comedian brings stand-up to female prisoners
How comedy workshops are helping inmates in Mexico's notoriously dangerous jails.
Everton ban fan carrying child after clash with Lyon player
Everton ban the child-carrying supporter involved in a confrontation with a Lyon player during Thursday's Europa League defeat at Goodison Park.
Chelsea boss Antonio Conte dismisses rumours of unrest over training schedule
Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte dismisses suggestions of disgruntlement at the club over his training methods.
Women's Ashes 2017: What happened after England won the World Cup?
As England begin their bid to regain the Women's Ashes, the players reveal what has happened since they won the World Cup.
'This game is never going to end' - Ridiculous ending to Raiders-Chiefs game
The Oakland Raiders need a touchdown and extra point to beat the Kansas City Chiefs with just 23 seconds left to play, cue 'the game that would never end'.
Ronnie O'Sullivan lets spectator take final shot in win at English Open
Ronnie O'Sullivan lets a spectator who evades security take his last shot as he wins in the third round at the English Open.
England women v France women: Fran Kirby out for boss Mo Marley's first game
England women are without striker Fran Kirby when they take on France in interim boss Mo Marley's first game in charge.
Roma charged by Uefa for fans 'monkey chants' at Antonio Rudiger
Roma are charged by Uefa after some of their fans were heard making "monkey chants" towards Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger.
Going undercover to catch train harassers
BBC 100 Women go undercover on the Tube with British Transport Police officers catching offenders.
The space where women tell stories of abusive relationships
Thousands of women from France have been speaking out about the abuse they've experienced in their relationships.
100 Women: The male movie star campaigning for women's rights
Farhan Akhtar is not only massive in the movie world, he's also the founder of a movement to get men to support women's rights.
100 Women: Why I chose #MeToo for my sexism experiment
BBC 100 Women contributor Roya Ramezani was painting #MeToo hours before the Weinstein story broke.
100 Women: The pink bus designed to protect women from harassment
Authorities in one city in Turkey have put pink women-only buses in service, designed to protect female passengers from harassment.
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