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District: I./BudaID 14887
Size: 60 m2Rental Fee: 950 EUR
Bedroom(s): 1Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 0
District: IX./PestID 22839
Size: 110 m2Rental Fee: 1600 EUR
Bedroom(s): Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 1
District: I./BudaID 22862
Size: 195 m2Rental Fee: 4000 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 2Garage(s): 2
District: IX./PestID 22815
Size: 110 m2Rental Fee: 1600 EUR
Bedroom(s): Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 1
District: V./PestID 21996
Size: 165 m2Rental Fee: 2950 EUR
Bedroom(s): 4Bath(s): 4Garage(s): nincs
District: II./BudaID 12616
Size: 600 m2Rental Fee: 5200 EUR
Bedroom(s): 5.5Bath(s): 5Garage(s): 3
District: III./BudaID 22425
Size: 133 m2Rental Fee: 2500 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 2Garage(s): 2
Barcelona attack: New manhunt for suspected driver
The focus switches to Younes Abouyaaqoub, who Spanish media say may be the Las Ramblas attacker.
Steve Bannon vows to 'go to war' for Trump agenda after sacking
The fired Trump strategist pledges to fight for the agenda that he says won the US presidency.
Finland killings: Stabbings in Turku a 'terror attack'
The man taken into custody after two people were stabbed to death is an 18-year-old Moroccan.
Woman raped by Roman Polanski asks for 'mercy' to end case
A Los Angeles court rejects a plea by a woman raped by the director to dismiss the 40-year-old case.
Lele Tao: The 'online goddess' who earns $450k a year
24-year-old live streamer Lele Tao has one million fans, mostly young men. The first of a three-part series.
Liu Xiabo's widow Liu Xia makes first appearance since funeral
Liu Xia, the widow of China's most prominent critic Liu Xiabo, had not been seen since his funeral.
Russia knife attacker wounds seven in Surgut
The man stabbed people apparently at random in the city of Surgut before being killed by police.
Boston braces for rival protests week after Charlottesville
Police are reportedly investigating claims some radical counter-protesters might plan to throw acid.
Disputed Venezuela assembly takes parliament's powers
The move comes as government critic and ex-chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega flees to Colombia.
Big Ben's Ayrton Light to be switched off
The Ayrton Light was installed in 1885 and was last turned off during World War Two.
Metal detectorist finds rare 6th Century coin pendant
The metal detectorist said he had made some finds which were of archaeological interest but this one was "bling".
Taylor Swift's social media pages and website are currently showing a Blank Space
The American star's social media posts have been deleted, while her website is only showing a black screen.
Congo mudslide death toll 'to rise to 200'
Households were buried after heavy rains caused parts of a nearby mountain to collapse.
Meet the eclipse chaser who's travelled the world hunting shadows
Astronomer Glenn Schneider has spent his life chasing solar eclipses around the world and has been in the path of totality 33 times.
The photo that highlights White House turmoil
In less than seven months, President Donald Trump's White House inner circle has transformed.
Struggling after giving birth? You're not alone
These mums had traumatic births, and they want more to see more honesty about the toll it can take.
Silk Road: Google search unmasked Dread Pirate Roberts
The man who beat the FBI to identify the mastermind of global online drugs market Silk Road.
Week in pictures: 12 - 18 August 2017
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
Baghdad's Little Manchester
Old Trafford's footballing giants help Iraqis escape the uncertainty and violence of everyday life.
Mexican muralists transform violent neighbourhoods
Graffiti artists turn a violent hillside neighbourhood in Pachuca into a colourful work of art.
ICYMI: Take a tour with Mr Despacito
Luis Fonsi becomes a tourist guide in Puerto Rico and some other stories you may have missed this week.
Barcelona and Cambrils attacks: 'I'm not afraid'
Catalans and Spaniards have responded in unity with the slogan 'No tinc por'. But can that unity last?
In pictures: Sir Bruce Forsyth's extraordinary career
Look back at his life, from early variety stardom and game shows to Strictly Come Dancing.
Rhino swept from Nepal to India by flooding rescued
The young rhino was swept 42km from Chitwan National Park by floods and found in an Indian village.
NI golfer Joe Rooney scores two holes-in-one
The odds of an amateur golfer hitting two holes-in-one in the same round are 67 million to one.
Should Washington and Jefferson monuments come down?
Trump's argument that the removal of Confederate statues is a slippery slope to changing history has recharged the perennial debate about America's tormented racial legacy.
How Al Pacino came to my rescue
Sensing an epileptic fit is imminent Frank turns to a tried and tested way of controlling his episodes and leans on Al Pacino in a pub.
Obituary: Sir Bruce Forsyth
In a 70-year career, Bruce Forsyth went from struggling variety performer to the king of Saturday night TV.
The crowdfunded news agency risking all for Hong Kong scoops
A fledgling Hong Kong investigative news agency has quickly built a reputation for its scoops.
Reflections on Sierra Leone's mudslide disaster
Reporter Umaru Fofana reflects on a week that saw horrific mudslide and flooding in the capital, Freetown.
Reality Check: Are 15,000 transgender people serving in the US military?
The figure was widely quoted when President Trump announced plans to ban transgender military personnel, but is it right?
‘We were guinea pigs’: Jailed inmates agreed to birth control
The Tennessee county started offering time off inmate sentences in exchange for birth control
'Upskirting': It happened to me
After Gina Martin took a stand against 'upskirting', we asked if readers had ever experienced it. They had.
Philippe Coutinho: Liverpool refusing to sell is damaging - Jermaine Jenas
Liverpool's refusal to sell Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona is like "cutting off your nose to spite your own face", says Jermaine Jenas.
Vuelta a Espana 2017: Why Chris Froome starts the race as favourite
Chris Froome starts the Vuelta a Espana as favourite but who are the riders out to stop him becoming the first British winner of the race?
Solheim Cup 2017: United States lead Europe 5½ - 2½ after afternoon clean sweep
The United States produced a clean sweep of matches in the afternoon to lead Europe 5½ - 2½ after the opening day at the Solheim Cup in Iowa.
How attacks unfolded
Two terror attacks in Spain's Catalonia region have left 14 dead and many more injured. How did events unfold?
Spain attack: What do we know about the victims?
The victims of attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils come from 34 different countries, officials say.
Barcelona attack: Crowd screams as man arrested
A third person is arrested in the town of Ripoll, where the main suspect in Thursday's attack also lived.
Spain attacks: How Barcelona rejected hate
From bringing flowers to challenging haters, people are pushing back after the day of terror.
Spain attacks: One police officer killed four Cambrils suspects
Five people in all were shot dead after a car was driven into pedestrians in Cambrils, Catalonia.
Cambrils: 'Pop pop, a couple of shots and he fell down'
A man who filmed the shooting in Cambrils described what he saw.
Can vehicle attacks be prevented?
In just over a year Europe has seen seven attacks where vehicles have been used as weapons. Security correspondent Gordon Corera looks at what authorities are doing about it.
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