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District: VI./PestID 21757
Size: 131 m2Rental Fee: 1800 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 2Garage(s): nincs
District: IX./PestID 22815
Size: 110 m2Rental Fee: 1800 EUR
Bedroom(s): Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 1
District: V./PestID 22762
Size: 209 m2Rental Fee: 5000 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 3Garage(s): nincs
District: V./PestID 22978
Size: 70 m2Rental Fee: 1750 EUR
Bedroom(s): 1Bath(s): 1Garage(s): nincs
District: V./PestID 20552
Size: 95 m2Rental Fee: 1600 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 2Garage(s): nincs
District: II./A/BudaID 12157
Size: 350 m2Rental Fee: 3200 EUR
Bedroom(s): 4Bath(s): 3Garage(s): 2
District: XII./BudaID 7026
Size: 350 m2Rental Fee: 3600 EUR
Bedroom(s): 5Bath(s): 5Garage(s): 2
North Korea faces tighter sanctions under Trump strategy
Donald Trump's strategy aims to apply both economic and diplomatic pressure on Kim Jong-un.
Syria conflict: 'Huge explosion' rocks Damascus airport
A massive explosion followed by a fire has hit near the international airport in Syria, activists say.
United Airlines to offer up to $10,000 for forfeiting seat
Passengers will be given up to $10,000 if they volunteer to forfeit seats on overbooked flights.
First Americans claim sparks controversy
A study that claims humans reached the Americas 130,000 years ago, much earlier than previously suggested, has run into controversy.
Meet Russia's Arctic Brigade
Steve Rosenberg gains rare access to Russia's Arctic Brigade, close to the border with Finland.
Trump won't scrap Nafta trade deal 'at this time'
President Trump seeks to renegotiate the trade deal with Canada and Mexico, rather than abandon it.
Venezuela to withdraw from OAS as deadly protests continue
The country accuses the regional grouping of meddling in its affairs, as deadly protests continue.
North Korea: US vows sanctions and will activate Thaad system 'within days'
The Thaad system to protect South Korea from the North will be activated "within days", says the US.
Vinod Khanna, India Bollywood actor, dies of cancer
Khanna, also an active politician, was suffering from cancer and was admitted to hospital earlier.
Australians worry about alcohol abuse, survey says
A survey suggests the majority of Australians think national drinking habits are excessive.
Missing Taiwanese trekker found in Himalayas after 47 days
Liang Sheng Yueh is recovering in a Kathmandu hospital, but his girlfriend died on the mountainside.
Malaysian warden investigated for murder of schoolboy
The assistant warden at a private Islamic school allegedly beat the boy, who later died.
Couple die holding hands after 69 years of marriage
Isaac and Teresa Vatkin died touching hands in two hospital beds placed side by side, relatives say.
Test may spot glaucoma before symptoms begin, study says
A simple eye test could lead to earlier detection of a condition causing irreversible sight loss.
Trump's 100 Days: Newlyweds split over president's performance
Tom voted Trump, Gretchen for Clinton, and they got married after the election.
Unlocking the potential of technology
Ethnographer and photographer Laura de Reynal has been documenting the work of organisations, such as Mozilla and One Laptop per Child who are helping communities to get online for the first time.
British Veterinary Association slams designer cat breeding
Scottish Fold cats have increased in popularity through social media.
BBC interview kids cartoon creator 'thrilled' at response
The children who interrupted a BBC interview get their own cartoon, to their father's delight.
British High Commission helps gay couples marry in Australia
Gay couples can't get married under Australian law, but hundreds of gay weddings have taken place since 2014 using British law, with the help of the British High Commission.
Naked selfie-detecting app Gallery Guardian tested
Gallery Guardian is designed to protect children from explicit images, but does not spot every snap.
A day in Seoul using just Samsung products
You know it for its phones and TVs, but what else does Samsung do in South Korea?
China introduces its first homemade aircraft carrier
China's newest toy is an aircraft carrier that will carry fighter jets, helicopters and weapons.
Five top films by director Jonathan Demme
The director - best-known for The Silence of the Lambs - was a master of many film genres.
Jet set pets: The animals that fly (on planes)
From turkeys to pandas... when animals need transporting they catch a flight just like us.
Baby humpback whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators
New recordings show newborn humpback whales and mothers "whisper" to each other, to avoid predators.
100 days: America in a time of Trump
Trump's election was a celebration for some, a calamity for others. What's the state of the nation now?
The Mother of All Bombs: How badly did it hurt IS in Afghanistan?
The BBC's Auliya Atrafi finds out if a massive bomb dropped on Afghanistan had any effect on IS.
Does Le Pen have a chance of winning French presidency?
The polls give centrist Emmanuel Macron a 20-point lead, so can Marine Le Pen emerge victorious?
Wives wanted in the Faroe Islands
There's a shortage of women in the Faroe Islands. So men are increasingly seeking wives from Thailand and the Philippines.
'Pawternity' leave - firms with unusual staff benefits
From giving staff a week's paid leave to look after their new dog, to the firm that pays towards its employees' weddings.
Uganda's Punishment Island: 'I was left to die on an island for getting pregnant'
Mauda Kyitaragabirwe was abandoned on Uganda's 'Punishment Island' for getting pregnant out of wedlock. The BBC's Patience Atuhaire went to meet her.
Chinese anger over 'acid pollution' images
Aerial images show large areas of acid-stained ground in a region pegged for massive investment.
The foolish criminals caught "tech-handed"
How some suspects fell victim to their own stupidity, ignorance and vanity.
Facebook baby killing: Grief and questions after shocking murder
It comes after a Thai man broadcast the murder of his 11-month daughter on Facebook Live.
Maria Sharapova is a 'cheater' and should not play tennis again - Eugenie Bouchard
The WTA is "sending out the wrong message to kids" by allowing Maria Sharapova to resume her playing career, says 2014 Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Bouchard.
Secret payments to players and agents focus of HMRC investigation
Secret payments made to players, their agents or third parties is the focus of a tax fraud investigation by British and French authorities.
ICC agree revised financial model and governance structure
The ICC pass a revised financial model reversing a decision which effectively handed control of the sport to India, England and Australia.
Arsene Wenger: 'Christian Fuchs threw the ball at Sanchez on purpose'
Arsene Wenger says Christian Fuchs threw the ball at Alexis Sanchez "on purpose" and should have been booked during Wednesday's game.
Manchester City v Manchester United: When the derby was last on a Thursday...
The last time Manchester United and Manchester City played each other on a Thursday was 23 years ago in November 1994 - a memorable night for the red half of the city.
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