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District: III./BudaID 23371
Size: 137 m2Rental Fee: 1500 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 2Garage(s): nincs
District: VI./PestID 23368
Size: 117 m2Rental Fee: 1300 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 2Garage(s): nincs
District: V./PestID 22762
Size: 209 m2Rental Fee: 5000 EUR
Bedroom(s): 3Bath(s): 3Garage(s): nincs
District: IX./PestID 22815
Size: 110 m2Rental Fee: 1300 EUR
Bedroom(s): Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 1
District: II./BudaID 22444
Size: 125 m2Rental Fee: 1900 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 1Garage(s): 1
District: I./BudaID 23182
Size: 70 m2Rental Fee: 1600 EUR
Bedroom(s): 1Bath(s): 1Garage(s): nincs
District: II./A/BudaID 13254
Size: 340 m2Rental Fee: 4200 EUR
Bedroom(s): 5Bath(s): 3Garage(s): 3
Kofi Annan, former UN chief, dies at 80
He was the first black African to become UN secretary-general and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize.
Kerala floods: Troops rush in to help rescue efforts
Troops step up rescue efforts to save people threatened by flooding that has killed hundreds.
Vladimir Putin attends Austrian foreign minister's wedding
Russia's president takes his host for a twirl during a controversial stopover on his way to Germany.
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas confirm they are engaged
The Bollywood superstar and the US singer hold a private traditional engagement ceremony in Mumbai.
Newborn rescued from drain in India
Geetha who rescued the baby, has named the boy ‘Sudhandhiram’ meaning freedom.
Sixteen nurses get pregnant at Arizona hospital ICU
The intensive care specialists joke that they have taken drastic measures to get Christmas off work.
Muslim couple denied Swiss citizenship over no handshake
Officials cite a Muslim couple's refusal to shake hands with the opposite sex in their interview.
Ancient Egypt: Cheese discovered in 3,200-year-old tomb
A new study says a substance found in broken jars by archaeologists is 3,200-year-old cheese.
Sandhurst: Police to investigate 'waterboarding' claims
The commander of the royal military college has ordered an investigation into the allegations.
George Papadopoulos: Mueller proposes sentence for ex-Trump aide
George Papadopoulos has admitted lying about contacts with Russians while with the Trump campaign.
Italy bridge collapse: State funeral held in Genoa
A state funeral was held for 18 of those who died in a bridge collapse that killed 42 people.
'I met my IS captor on a German street'
A Yazidi teenager sold into slavery by IS tells of her horror at meeting her captor in a German street.
Pair escape as Uber plunges into sea in Cannes
Nick Christoforou and Sophia Toon managed to swim to safety after the cab went off the end of a jetty.
The cycling start-up company turning trash into cash
The entrepreneurs finding a way to turn trash from the slums into cash for the people living there.
Week in pictures: 11 - 17 August 2018
A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.
Sea 'monster' baffles locals in eastern Russia
A massive carcass has washed up on the shores of eastern Russia and locals are trying to work out what it is.
Eddie Kadi: As a comedian, I can change people's lives
Eddie Kadi - could he be the funniest man in Africa? BBC What's New's Ben Hunte went to find out.
Yemen war: Boys dig friends’ graves after air strike
A school trip ended in disaster when the bus was hit by a Saudi-led coalition missile.
Why Aretha's A Natural Woman moves us, 50 years on
Her 1967 hit (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman continues to unify and empower.
Islam and the Olympics with fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad
Ibtihaj Muhammad won bronze for Team Sabre at the 2016 Olympics in Rio.
'Extreme right infiltrating UK politics'
Ex-Met terror chief Mark Rowley warns "aggressive intolerance" is finding its way into mainstream political debate.
When flying to Mars is your day job
Living on Mars time, landing nightmares and sometimes spreadsheets... a day in the life of a Nasa engineer.
Kofi Annan, the only black African to run the UN
The former UN Secretary General was the first black African to lead the international body.
Crazy Rich Asians: The film burdened with 'crazy' Asian expectations
Like the proverbial "tiger mum", many Asians have huge expectations for the Hollywood film.
Behind the exodus from US state schools
Both religious and politically conservative parents are pursuing other education options amid culture clashes.
The immigrants who built Australia's 'fairytale' castles
How nostalgic Europeans forged shrines to old traditions - creating the nation's first theme parks.
100 Women: The artist redrawing 'sexist' comic book covers
An artist in India is challenging sexist drawings of women in comic books, by reimaging male heroes.
Eurozone bailout programme is finally over
The eurozone passes an important milestone on 20 August - the formal end of the bailout of Greece.
Drag World: Where the biggest US stars meet rising UK talent
Drag World brings some of the biggest performers in the world, and their hectic schedules, to the UK.
Do we have more rooms per person than ever before?
Is the co-leader of the Green Party right to say that rooms per person are at the highest we've seen in our lives?
The world's first floating farm making waves in Rotterdam
An offshore dairy farm aims to help Rotterdam produce its own food more sustainably.
Reality Check: Why is President Trump creating a space force?
The US says the space environment has become "crowded and adversarial".
Birmingham Grand Prix: Dina Asher-Smith settles for second in women's 200m
Dina Asher-Smith could not continue her winning form from the European Championships, finishing second in the 200m at the Birmingham Grand Prix.
England v India: Alastair Cook's catch dismisses Ajinkya Rahane
England's Alastair Cook takes "an absolute blinder" of a catch at first slip to dismiss India's Ajinkya Rahane for 81 during day one of the third Test at Trent Bridge.
Premier League results: Tottenham, Everton, Leicester and Bournemouth win
Harry Kane ends his August goal drought as Tottenham beat Fulham 3-1, while there were also wins for Leicester, Everton and Bournemouth.
'Why I never want babies'
Jang Yun-hwa is one of a rising number of South Korean women choosing not to marry, have children, or even have relationships with men.
The last Blockbuster: 'I'm proud that we've survived'
Online streaming has crushed Blockbuster and its last store is a reminder of a not-so-distant past.
Why single Nigerian women battle to rent homes
Many landlords in Nigeria suspect single women of being prostitutes, making it difficult for them to rent.
Reddit sleuth identifies car part, leading to hit-and-run arrest
Police make an arrest over a fatal hit-and-run after a Reddit sleuth identifies an obscure car part.
Uganda's food waste warrior aims to help farmers
Engineer Lawrence Okettayot has come up with a food dehydrator that could tackle the world's food waste crisis.
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