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District: V./PestID 22978
Size: 70 m2Rental Fee: 1750 EUR
Bedroom(s): 1Bath(s): 1Garage(s): nincs
District: V./PestID 23461
Size: 43 m2Rental Fee: 690 EUR
Bedroom(s): 1Bath(s): 1Garage(s): nincs
District: II./A/BudaID 14532
Size: 190 m2Rental Fee: 1600 EUR
Bedroom(s): 4Bath(s): 4Garage(s): 3
District: V./PestID 23596
Size: 138 m2Rental Fee: 3400 EUR
Bedroom(s): 2Bath(s): 2Garage(s): nincs
District: XII./BudaID 23050
Size: 650 m2Rental Fee: 6500+Áfa EUR
Bedroom(s): Bath(s): 0Garage(s): nincs
Hurricane Isaias heads for Carolinas
The hurricane is expected to make landfall on Monday night with "dangerous winds and storm surge".
Spain's embattled ex-King Juan Carlos leaves country
His departure comes weeks after the former monarch was linked to a probe into alleged corruption.
Coronavirus: WHO warns of 'no silver bullet' amid vaccine search
Progress is being made though, its chief says, as he stresses the importance of preventive steps.
Call for TikTok security check before HQ decision
The owner of the short-form video app has London on a shortlist of possible locations.
What's going on with TikTok?
Microsoft confirmed it wants to acquire TikTok after President Trump threatened to ban the app.
Israel strikes Syrian army bases after Golan Heights attack
The IDF confirmed the strikes were in retaliation against an attempted bombing in Golan Heights.
NY attorney expands inquiry into Trump 'criminal conduct'
In a court filing, lawyers said the investigation spans over a decade of possible criminal activity.
Trade documents stolen from UK MP's email
Documents on UK-US trade negotiations were leaked in the run-up to the 2019 general election.
Islamic State group claims deadly attack on Afghanistan prison
As many as 300 inmates are said to be still on the run after the gun and bomb attack in Jalalabad.
Tanzanite: Tanzanian miner earns millions after second rare find
Saniniu Laizer sells a Tanzanite stone for $2 million (£1.5m), months after a similar find.
Coronavirus: Dozens test positive for Covid-19 on Norwegian cruise ship
The outbreak on the MS Roald Amundsen comes just weeks after the cruise industry began to reopen.
Kaepernick shirt was attack dogs' target at Navy Seal event
The US Navy Seals have launched an investigation after the footage from an event last year emerged.
Sweden: Death of girl, 12, ignites debate over gang violence
The girl was killed by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting that went wrong, media reports say.
Other mammals lose out in panda conservation drive
Several carnivorous animals have almost disappeared from areas set up to protect giant pandas.
James Lovelock: Gaia theory creator on coronavirus and turning 101
British scientist James Lovelock says population growth means something like the virus is "almost inevitable".
The trees that survived the bombing of Hiroshima
How a message of hope and peace is being spread by trees still growing 75 years later.
Here are just some of the records Taylor Swift's Folklore has broken
The star's surprise eighth album sets a whole raft of new chart records in its first week on sale.
First SpaceX crewed mission lands safely
The moment the first crewed SpaceX mission splashes down safely in the Gulf of Mexico.
Coronavirus pandemic: Tracking the global outbreak
Key maps and charts explaining how the respiratory virus has spread around the world and how it is being dealt with.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Women survivors of the atomic bombs
August marks the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.
Americans in Africa: Why we left America to live in Africa
Three African Americans have been explaining why they left the US to find a better life in Africa.
TikTok: How would the US go about banning the Chinese app?
Several options exist, from preventing Google and Apple offering the app, to blocking its servers.
An underwater webcam in the port of Miami has become a lockdown sensation.
An underwater webcam in the port of Miami has become a lockdown sensation thanks to its tailless star 'Oval'.
Coronavirus: How pandemic pods and zutors are changing home-schooling
US parents are resorting to "pandemic pods" and garden classrooms - but will it deepen inequalities?
‘I feel guilty for surviving’: The deadly hunt for Jade in Myanmar
Nearly 200 people died last month in a jade mine landslide. Now the survivors are going back to work.
Iran women's podcast gives voice to victims of abuse
Women in Iran are often too scared to speak about domestic abuse - now a podcast gives them a voice.
Beyond TikTok: Who else might President Trump ban?
Other Chinese-owned software could face difficulties in the US, if TikTok ban goes ahead.
Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko under fire
President Alexander Lukashenko has kept Belarus in an iron grip, but protests have intensified.
Being a Chinese student in the US: ‘Neither the US nor China wants us’
Amid a global pandemic and diplomatic tensions, Chinese students in the US are feeling anxious.
Katie Mack: 'Knowing how the universe will end is freeing'
Astrophysicist Katie Mack has been researching The End of Everything.
Hume - the pivotal peacemaker in Northern Ireland
As SDLP leader, John Hume played a major role in bringing about Northern Ireland's peace process.
The boss who bounced her way to £3m from just £200
How Kimberlee Perry grew trampoline fitness company Bounce, which is aimed at women.
Nigerians' double blow: Currency woes and Covid-19
Three business owners explain how they are weathering the economic fallout.
Brentford and Fulham meet in 'the richest game in football'
Brentford and Fulham meet in the Championship play-off final at Wembley on Tuesday evening, a match often dubbed the richest in football.
Dortmund set 10 August deadline for Man Utd target Sancho deal
Borussia Dortmund set a 10 August deadline for any deal for Jadon Sancho - Manchester United's top transfer target - to be agreed.
Lewis Hamilton: FIA boss Jean Todt hails world champion's anti-racism stance
FIA president Jean Todt supports Lewis Hamilton's efforts in promoting anti-racism.
Gianni Infantino: Fifa president to continue in role amid criminal investigation
Fifa deputy secretary general Alasdair Bell says controversy around the head of world football is a "step backwards" in repairing Fifa's name.
Red cards can now be shown for deliberate coughing in football
Players who cough in the face of other players or match officials can be red-carded, say football's rule-makers and the Football Association.
Willian to turn down Chelsea after Arsenal talks - Tuesday's gossip
Willian to turn down Chelsea after holding Arsenal talks, Man Utd will wait to make Grealish move, Chelsea join Reguilon chase, plus more.
Who were the post-lockdown winners and losers across Europe?
Who won the most games post-lockdown? Who scored the most goals? Did anyone fail to pick up even a single point? BBC Sport looks at the statistics from across Europe.
'Bay of Piglets': A 'bizarre' plot to capture a president
How did exiled Venezuelans and former US Special Forces end up joining what looked from the outset like a suicide mission? 
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