MH17: Four charged with shooting down plane over Ukraine
The Malaysia Airlines jet came down over eastern Ukraine in July 2014, killing 298 people.
Vaccines: Low trust in vaccination 'a global crisis'
The biggest global study into attitudes on immunisation reveals confidence is low in some regions.
Jamal Khashoggi killing: Saudi crown prince 'should face investigation'
A UN investigator says credible evidence links Mohammed bin Salman to the journalist's murder.
More than 70 million displaced worldwide, says UNHCR
It's the highest figure in modern history following the war in Syria and Rohingya crackdown.
When They See Us: Trump stands by 1989 Central Park Five comments
President Trump said the men wrongly jailed for an attack had "admitted their guilt".
Rugby-playing detective tackles intruder
An Australian detective was forced to take action after an unexpected interruption to a press conference.
Sperm donor is child's legal father, Australian court rules
It prevents his child's biological mother and her wife from moving to New Zealand with the girl.
UK PM hopefuls face third vote
One more MP will be eliminated from the race to succeed Theresa May, as Dominic Raab backs Boris Johnson for No 10.
Donald Trump formally launches 2020 re-election bid
The president told thousands of supporters in Florida they were going to "keep America great".
South African MP punches man during alleged racist incident
Phumzile van Damme says she punched a white man in self-defence at Cape Town's V&A Waterfront.
Mohammed Morsi: Egypt accuses UN of 'politicising' death
Egypt says its former leader died of natural causes, and is critical of calls for an investigation.
Oxford University accepts £150m from US private equity boss
Stephen Schwarzman, a confidant of President Trump, makes the largest ever donation to a UK university.
'A stranger tried to kill me' on subway
Tobias French was nearly killed when a stranger tried to push him in front of an oncoming train.
HK billionaire to pay $14m in tuition fees for Chinese students
Li Ka-Shing has pledged to pay tuition fees for a group of Chinese students through his foundation.
'Her ancestors enslaved mine. Now we're friends'
Phoebe Kilby discovered her ancestors were slave-owners and she wanted to pay reparations.
Sudan: Young musicians' hopes and fears for the future
Young musicians in Khartoum talk to the BBC about their hopes following the military crackdown.
How America overthrew Guatemala's reformist president
Accused of being a communist, Guatemala's president was toppled in a US-led coup
Haiti protests: Why are so many people on the streets?
Activists have taken to the streets in Haiti's capital to protest about what they say is government corruption.
Greenland’s ‘unusual’ melting sea ice captured in stunning image
A climate scientist has captured the reality of sea ice loss in Greenland in a viral picture.
Selah Schneiter: Ten-year-old girl scales El Capitan
Selah Schneiter has climbed a rock wall that is beyond some of the most experienced climbers. She is 10 years old.
Bella Hadid apologises for 'offensive' photo
Model Bella Hadid says sorry as people take offence of a photo showing her boot facing Middle East aircraft
Royal Ascot: Day one in pictures
The opening day of Royal Ascot proves to be a family occasion for the Queen.
Dogs' eyes evolve to appeal to humans
Scientists have found a muscle that allows dogs to make 'puppy eyes' and bond with humans.
Why are Nike trainers washing up on beaches?
From Bermuda and the Azores to Ireland and France, large numbers of shoes are washing ashore.
'My father, the rapist': Hidden victims of Rwanda's genocide
It is thought thousands of children were born as a result of rape during the 1994 genocide.
Should we dislike the 'Like' button?
Social media companies know approval can be addictive, so how should we manage the compulsion to be liked?
Piracy in West Africa: The world's most dangerous seas?
The West African coast has long been a target for pirates, but it's getting even more dangerous.
Viewpoint: How the British reshaped India's caste system
A complex system of beliefs and social identities was oversimplified by colonisers, writes Sanjoy Chakravorty.
Why are US tourists dying in Dominican Republic?
The FBI is helping local authorities with toxicology tests after at least eight holidaymakers died.
Australian retail: Why so many fashion brands have collapsed
Local retailers are struggling to stay afloat amid competition from giants like Zara and H&M.
Gulf of Oman tanker attacks: What we know
It is the second time in a month that tankers have been targeted in the region.
Stonewall: A riot that changed millions of lives
On a hot New York night 50 years ago, a police raid on a gay bar reshaped millions of American lives.
Scholes fined £8,000 for breaking FA betting rules
Former England and Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes is fined £8,000 after admitting breaking Football Association betting rules.
Women's World Cup 2019: All the goals as Marta makes history, Kerr hits four & Jamaica celebrate
Watch all the best bits from day 12 of the Women's World Cup featuring Marta's history-making goal and incredible scenes after Jamaica score their first ever World Cup goal.
Cricket World Cup: Trent Boult bowls Quinton de Kock
South Africa opener Quinton de Kock is bowled by New Zealand's Trent Boult in their World Cup group game at Edgbaston.
What are vaccines, how do they work and why are people sceptical?
Vaccines help save the lives of millions a year. This is how they came about - and why they matter.
Immunisation: Why we do it and how 'herd immunity' works
This is how vaccines work, why they’re important and what the phrase “herd immunity” actually means.
‘My mum didn’t vaccinate me – this is what happened next’
Meredith's mother stopped her having vaccinations - so eventually she got some nasty illnesses.
Measles vaccine fears cost me my children
One Filipino mother's worst fears were realised when her unvaccinated children caught measles.
How smallpox claimed its final victim
How did British medical worker Janet Parker become the world's last victim of smallpox?
Marta becomes record scorer at World Cup finals as Brazil beat Italy to reach last 16
Marta becomes the record goalscorer at World Cup finals as her 17th goal gives Brazil victory over Italy in Group C and a place in the last 16 in France.
Kerr hits four as Australia crushes Jamaica
Jamaica's coach Hue Menzies says he would "pay to watch" Sam Kerr after she scores four goals against his side and sent Australia through to the Women's World Cup last 16.
Women's World Cup: Wendie Renard's penalty - did officials get France award right?
Wendie Renard scored a contentious late penalty for France against Nigeria which caused uproar on social media - so did the officials get it right?
Women's World Cup: In search of a major tournament in Paris
The world is watching the beautiful game in France - you just have to be in the right place to notice it in the nation's most beautiful city.
Women's World Cup 2019: What to look out for on day 12
Spain, China and Norway were the latest teams to go through, so who will join them from Group C on Tuesday?
Fifa Women's World Cup: Fixtures, groups and BBC coverage
Your guide to this summer's Fifa Women's World Cup fixtures, including BBC coverage details.
Women's World Cup: Shelley Kerr targets 'phenomenal' Scotland win
Shelley Kerr says beating Argentina would be "phenomenal" for Scotland as they seek to stay in the Women's World Cup.

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