Property Management Company provides full service property management for apartment buildings, individual rental homes and condominiums. Upon request we survey the rental property, ascertain the owners' short-, and long-term objectives and discuss the required level of service. The following is only a brief outline of the standard services we provide. The Property Management Contract may include additional services according to the rental properties' unique needs.
  1. Search for all possible clients
  2. Marketing vacant units.
  3. Circulation on our comprehensive mailing list of real estate agencies, relocation agencies and major multinational companies, provide updated information on the available properties.
  4. Place advertisements in local English language press with colored photographs
  5. Printing and publishing direct property off
  6. Send detailed English language description with color photographs to each client before vis
  7. Show properties at a time convenient to client accompanied by a professional English- speaking realtor
  8. Screening and qualifying prospective tenants.
  9. Preparing the lease agreement in English and Hungarian ensuring the best possible conditions
  10. Signing the lease agreement on behalf of the owner
  11. Preparing and signing the hand over protocol when the leased property is handed over to Client.
  1. Conducting move-in and move-out inspections based on established step by step procedure recorded in the Hand Over Protocol (see attached sample)
  2. Providing 24 hour emergency repair call response
  3. Screening, hiring and supervision of independent contractors
  4. Establishing scheduled maintenance system (i.e. fire protection inspections, chimney-, window cleaning, heating system, water system maintenance)
  5. Collecting, recording and depositing all rents and other revenues
  6. Paying all invoices and providing photocopies of all paid invoices to owners
  7. Completing the transfer of records and inventory if switching service provider
  8. Providing monthly statements of income and expenses
  9. Conducting regular unit inspection, providing owners with copies of inspection sheets
  10. Preparation of operating and annual budget
  11. Arranging for non-recurring maintenance issues
  12. Long term capital replacement planning
  13. Application filings for local offices if necessary
  14. Preparing and signing the hand over protocol when the leased property is handed back from Tenant.
  15. Settling all financial obligations and security deposit with Tenant at the end of the lease
  16. Arranging necessary redecorations and refurbishment in the Property based on the volume approved by the owner
Service fees are available upon request.
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